There’s only one more BI Immersion class this year, and you haven’t signed up yet. What are you missing? A lot! See the agenda here.

Where? Bellevue, WA.

When? Monday through Friday, August 20 to 24, 2012. Long days full of BI goodness.

Of course you expect me to say great things about this class. I created it. It’s my baby. Of course, I love it. But I’ll explain why later. First, let me share with you what students of this class have to say. Who better to tell you what you’re missing?

Comments on Class Modules

  • What is Business Intelligence?
A good spin on an old topic.
  • Relational Data Warehousing/SSIS
I’ve been in and out of BI since 1999 and a surprising amount of this seemed new.
Loved the interactive modeling exercise!
  • SSAS
 It finally made sense to me.
  • MDX
This was all new and gave me a great starting point. Thx!
I had basic understanding of MDX before going to this class. The light bulb came on after Stacia explained the key of MDX.
  • SSRS / Excel / PowerPivot

Great coverage of BI presentation layer at an understandable level.

Comments on the Class

A lot of info to hold in my brain.

Best class so far on BI. I learned so much more here than [from a competitor].

Great tips and tricks. Like the pragmatic/common sense/non-marketing approach.

Very informative and relative to the real world

BI is a huge topic and Stacia does an excellent job hitting every major area…I would highly recommend this class. The first training session I’ve attended that took full advantage of my time away from the office. This was money well spent.

Any presenter can teach someone how to use a tool, but how best to use that tool to interact with the business in order to have a successful implementation that you’re confident business can adopt is what set this apart.

What SQL Server Version?

Worried that the class won’t help you if you’re not using the latest and greatest version of SQL Server? Worry not!

Many of the concepts we discuss in class are applicable to both SQL Server 2012 and to 2008 R2 (and in many cases to earlier versions). We will certainly discuss differences so that people using 2008 R2 today can derive value from their current environment and weigh the benefits of upgrading with an adequate understanding of what really changes rather than rely on marketing hype about the next cool thing. For those who are on SQL Server 2012, we won’t be spending any time on tabular although I’m happy to talk about it after hours or over lunch. There are some additions to SSIS that we’ll discuss as well as the implications Power View for SSRS and other self-service BI options. Bottom line – something for everyone!

If you’re using an earlier version, that’s okay too – I can point out what’s relevant and what’s not. This is a class that focuses on the Why, Where, and When while showing you the How in  a way that’s relevant to you.

Immerse Yourself!

I’ve taught a lot of classes over the years. Once upon a time I was able to teach classes in which we could focus for a full day over an entire week on a single technology. In recent years, the demand seems to require instructors to teach broad subject matter in as short as time as possible. I designed the BI Immersion class to find the sweet spot between explaining what you need to know to make BI technology work effectively in your business and helping you understand the principles that make BI work for you, regardless of the constraints that people, politics, or process impose.

And I made sure it’s flexible enough to give you the personal attention you need and provide practical solutions to the challenges you face. I LOVE this class because I see the difference it makes for my students. This class immerses you in a variety of key concepts, innovative ideas, and technical tips for BI. I built this class not to showcase what I know, but to help you be SUCCESSFUL in what you do!

If you are new to SQL Server BI or need to take your BI skills to the next level, this is the class you need to attend. But…this is the last time this class will be available in 2012. Take advantage of the early-bird discount and sign up today! More information and a link to registration is available HERE.